COVID-19 sets new anti-records and quarantines countries

COVID-19 sets new anti-records and quarantines countries

COVID-19 sets new anti-records and quarantines countries

The coronavirus has taken a new record: over 32 million people in the world are already infected with COVID-19. The data is cited by Hopkins University. In Brazil, for the third day in a row, more than 32 thousand newly infected are registered. An unfavorable trend towards an increase in the number of cases is also noted in Europe.

The UK has recorded the largest increase in new cases of covid disease since the start of the pandemic. Over the past day, the coronavirus was detected in more than 6,600 people, and 40 deaths were also recorded among those infected.

Earlier, the United Kingdom tightened restrictive measures in connection with the worsening of the situation. In particular, they increased the fines for their violations. Also in Britain, the "rule of six" began to apply, when citizens are prohibited from gathering in groups of more than six people, except for business meetings. The government did not rule out the introduction of a new lockdown.

The French government also does not rule out that the country will go to re-quarantine, as it was in the spring. The republic also marked a new anti-record: over the past 24 hours, more than 16 thousand new cases were revealed. Earlier, in parts of cities where the situation is especially unfavorable, the authorities ordered the closure of bars and restaurants. In the rest, including Paris, Nice, Bordeaux and Rene, limit the opening hours of catering establishments to ten in the evening. The innovations have displeased restaurant owners. More than fifty businessmen went to a protest in Paris, demanding the lifting of restrictions.

Meanwhile, Israel will add new ones to the quarantine measures that have already come into force. The Knesset voted on first reading an amendment to limit demonstrations and prayers during a pandemic. The majority for the adoption of the amendments was minimal - only four votes. The likely reason was the recent protest in a square in Jerusalem, in which people sat on chairs two meters apart.

On September 18, the country announced a second lockdown for three weeks. Most of the country's residents are sent to remote work, shops and restaurants are closed. You can only stay at home with family members with whom the Israelis live under the same roof.

In Brazil, due to a sharp increase in the number of infected, the famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro is canceled. Traditionally, it is held in February three days before Lent, but preparations begin six months in advance - making costumes and building platforms is a costly business both in time and in finance. And samba schools, which have been in quarantine for many weeks, simply do not have money for training. However, the organizers noted that if an effective vaccine appears in the country, the holiday will still be held, but a little later. Brazil is now in third place in the world in terms of the number of people infected after the United States and India.