"Catastrophe and Disappointment": the world media did not appreciate the first round of US debates

"Catastrophe and Disappointment": the world media did not appreciate the first round of US debates

"Catastrophe and Disappointment": the world media did not appreciate the first round of US debates
US presidential candidates are preparing for a second round of debate. And after yesterday, today they are already actively speaking to their supporters in different states. Democrat Joe Biden again decided to go personal and not skimp on insults. Republican Donald Trump is more reserved. Meanwhile, the world press is taking stock of the first round of debates.

The first debate between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden was watched by 73 million people on American television channels. This is about 10 million less than in 2016, when Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton met in a verbal duel. After yesterday, interest in the debate has dropped markedly.

The global media are disappointed. The British Guardian called the squabble of candidates "national humiliation." The French newspaper Le Monde declared the debate a disaster.

"This meeting between Trump and Biden face to face is like 2020, which was difficult for the whole world, but especially difficult politically in the United States," the French say.

The German Deutsche Welle is even more straightforward. They said that the past debate shows American democracy in a rather shabby state.

A popular Israeli TV presenter tweeted, "Condolences to America: It's hard to go below that."

The Chinese press described the debate as total chaos. The headlines are full of quotes from Twitter, where users say that if the Americans were in place, they would be in despair, as their representatives of power descended to an ugly brawl.

In general, journalists around the world agreed: watching the debate was a real challenge, even for an English-speaking audience: it is so difficult to make out what Trump, Biden and presenter Chris Wallace said, all the time interrupting each other and switching to raised tones. However, the swearing and insults, especially often sounded from the lips of Biden against Trump, delighted the members of the Democratic Party.

"We saw many times in a row that Trump's speech was obscene. It was not a debate, but a speech filled with bile and lies. He insulted the late son of the vice president and tried to vilify the living," Chuck Schumer, a member of the US Democratic Party, bitterly laments.

The press secretary of Trump's campaign headquarters also got it. After an 8-minute verbal skirmish in a raised voice, the CNN presenter was outraged that Tim Mertau was setting out the president's position in too much detail. And I just decided to interrupt the broadcast.

On CNN, debate host Chris Wallace was rated too soft on Trump. But Trump himself posted a photo collage on the network where Wallace, along with Biden, attacked the president. I even calculated: the moderator of the debate interrupted the Democrat 15 times, and Trump - 76. Nevertheless, today the head of the White House is in combat uniform. I flew to Minnesota to meet with supporters. Distributes caps with the logo of his campaign on the go. And he says that he was pleased with the outcome of the debate.

"I really enjoyed it. Last night I did what the corrupt media refuse to do. I brought Joe Biden to justice for his 47 years of lies and failures. Sleepy Joe Biden is too weak to rule this country," Trump said.

Biden is also at a Pennsylvania rally. Where I decided to adhere to yesterday's tactics not to skimp on insults to the opponent.

"In fact, he did not say a word! He thinks that we will forget about the hundreds of thousands of deaths from the coronavirus through his fault! He thinks we will forget about the reasons for the closure of our factories and schools! He did not take any responsibility! He is a complete failure." Biden snaps.

Who won yesterday’s round of debate is still a mystery even for the American media. Survey data vary. However, 69% of Americans said that the squabble of the presidential candidates caused them nothing but irritation.