Chemtrails over Latvia

Chemtrails over Latvia

A resident of Rezekne, Nikolai Stepanov, has sent curious photos to our editorial office, which show the sky of his hometown, streaked with strange white lines. They look like traces from flying planes, but unlike conventional aviation "tails" they stand in the air for several hours and amaze with their number, covering the sky like a net. Our reader from Rezekne claims that people in Lebanon also observed the streaked sky over their heads, so he is convinced - and Daugavpils is periodically covered by this ominous aerial grid. Why isn't this an airplane trail? The fact is that the so-called contrail from airplanes is condensation, almost transparent. Essentially, it is water vapor from aircraft exhaust engines. The faster the hot exhaust gases cool in the ambient air, the faster a cloud trail of microscopic water droplets and tiny ice crystals forms. At low altitudes, the visible appearance of contrails is generally impossible, since instant condensation and crystallization of moisture requires a very low ambient temperature (below -40 ° C).

Death footprints ... So what are these white stripes over our heads? The answer to this question was suggested to us by an eyewitness of a strange phenomenon over Rezekne. These are, in his opinion, chemtrails. They also appear in the sky thanks to airplanes, but unlike contrails that appear involuntarily, aircrafts leave chemtrails behind them on purpose.

For spraying chemicals into the air, all or many of the passenger seats are removed from the aircraft, replaced by tanks with some mysterious content. You can even find photographs of such modified aircraft on the Internet. There is also evidence of eyewitnesses who captured the appearance of chemtrails in the sky in the photo and video. But there is no official answer to the question of who is doing this and why, and most importantly, what exactly are the planes spraying over us. Here - only the arguments of those who somewhere somewhere accidentally heard, spied on or smelled. But it is worth noting that these reflections line up in a strikingly logical chain of interrelated events.

"Golden billion" Nikolai Stepanov begins to explain the phenomenon of chemtrails by mentioning a certain Club of Rome - an association of representatives of the political, economic, cultural and scientific world elite. There are several other similar clubs in the world, membership in which is ordered by mere mortals. Outstanding scientists, the richest people on the planet and the heads of the strongest powers - this is who is included in these secret societies.

Back in the 70s of the last century, the Club of Rome was faced with such a concept as "limits to growth" and the limited resources of the planet Earth. A situation was simulated when the Earth's population is constantly growing, consuming more and more natural resources and polluting the environment. The conclusion suggested itself: for the continued existence of life on Earth, it is necessary to reduce the number of its inhabitants. And a secret program for their extermination was launched! It is believed that the goal of the world elite is the “golden billion”. That is how many people will live on Earth after the full implementation of the program of mass extermination of humanity. It is the immodest epithet “golden” that clearly demonstrates the main selection criterion for those who will make the future of the planet. To "cleanse" the Earth from the "extra" 5 billion population, a variety of clever means are used.