- House Democrats voted 216 to 210 to remove GOP MP Marjorie Taylor Green from committee appointments due to her past comments on social media. Let me remind you that she supports QAnon and recently received personal approval to move further from Trump.

- The Arizona State Senate drafts a resolution threatening the arrest of Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for failing to submit requested voting machines and ballots.

- Clues on the surface. A video was found showing Antifa's leader, rebel John Sullivan, training other soldiers and also selling riot equipment on his website.

- Renowned mathematician Edward Solomon defines that the results of the 2020 elections at the polling station level are "impossible" and "cannot happen naturally."

- Official: Despite numerous obstacles, President Trump has broken the record for the largest market growth in US history.

- Pelosi intimidates senators before the Trump impeachment trial: “Let's see what it will be? Senate of courage or cowardice? " Rep. Maxine Waters wants President Trump to be charged with premeditated murder in the wake of the riots in Washington.

- Psaki: "Even after vaccination, social distancing and wearing masks will be important." - New York student's message to pro-isolation politicians: "I feel like we were abandoned." - Biden will sign executive order to restore and expand the "refugee program" despite the "ongoing pandemic."

- The resignation of California Governor Gavin Newsom is inevitable. His approval rating has dropped, and the petition for his dismissal has already collected 1.4 million signatures. You need 1.5 million.

- Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers issued a new statewide mask mandate an hour after the GOP voted to end the previous mask mandate.

- The FBI visited the home of a Trump supporter who worked in Washington but did not even attend the rally.

- Biden calls on Russia to immediately release Navalny. In turn, experts predict a huge number of sanctions from the United States towards Putin's inner circle.