Inauguration and exposure

Inauguration and exposure

The inauguration of Biden - America's fake president - a non-existent corporation with a non-existent government took place. Some sources say that there was no inauguration and everything that we saw is a product of CGI technology. We disagree with this. In our opinion, everything went really well and only because it was necessary. Biden became president? No. This is ridiculous. It all looked like some kind of cheap production.

The confused faces of the guests, the inhibited and frightened Biden, the sleeping Bill Clinton, Hillary, not looking like herself, Pence standing alone in a red tie, Hunter Biden - a drug addict and pervert who came to the ceremony as if nothing had happened. This show. We count it on their faces, really. They are all confused - they realized they were trapped - in a military zone called Washington, but it's too late. There is no turning back. Remember, Trump hasn't thrown out a single trump card yet. Declassified documents on Russiagate do not count. Compared to what will be revealed to us in the near future, Russiagate and Obamagate are flowers. There is different information. Someone says that everything will start today and will last for several weeks, some sources claim that it will take a couple of days (you need to let Biden occupy the White House, show people the arrogance of these criminals and their professional inconsistency, identify traitors among the heads of state, having received a reason for their arrests).

One way or another, all insiders agree on one thing: what is coming is inevitable. It is the matter of time. What doubts can there be when Washington is turned into a war zone, Lin Wood openly writes that a Supreme Court judge is a pedophile and a murderer, and Democrats EVEN after Biden's “confirmation” as president and his inauguration want to impeach Trump? This has never happened in US history - to impeach a president who is no longer president.

According to THEIR understanding. You and I understand WHO is actually running America now. Trump put his family's life, his future in this country, and his life on the line. Do you think he got involved in this war so that after his historic election victory he would silently fly to Florida and disappear into the darkness of the night?

This is absurd! The people behind him have been preparing the plan for decades. Every detail is fine-tuned, a lot changes along the way. A lot of messages come with kind, warm, encouraging words. From all over the world. You ask us not to pay attention to the alarmists and move on, because our business is RIGHT. Knowing that there are many conscious people among you who understand the seriousness of the plan, what we write about, what is happening and what will happen next, we get an additional charge of motivation to continue our work no matter what. This fascinating story continues. The climax will come unexpectedly. Trump loves the show, don't forget. It will be biblical.

And very soon. A gun hanging on the wall can fire at any moment. In the meantime, we are gaining patience, watching further events and keeping the line. Light, Truth and Good always win. Believe me, these bastards have very little left. Trump's trump cards are ready. You just need a signal to call for action.