The hypersonic Zircon hit the target 4.5 minutes after launch

The hypersonic Zircon hit the target 4.5 minutes after launch
President Vladimir Putin called the successful test of the Zircon hypersonic missile a major event for the country. Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov reported on its launch from the frigate "Admiral Gorshkov". The missile hit a sea target at a distance of 450 kilometers and developed a speed of 9.5 thousand kilometers per hour. The Zircon can be adopted this year.

The frigate "Admiral Gorshkov" is the most modern of the Russian warships in the White Sea. In the bow, the hatch of one of the launchers is open, and the rocket that takes off from there disappears almost instantly in the sky. This is the first footage of the Zircon hypersonic missile tests. And then - the report of the head of the General Staff to the president

Mach 8 is about 10 thousand kilometers per hour. It is impossible to intercept a missile flying so fast, the air defense systems simply do not see it. There is nothing like this in any army in the world.

"This is a great event not only in the life of the Armed Forces, but also throughout Russia, the entire country, since equipping our Armed Forces - the army and the navy - with the latest, truly unparalleled weapons systems in the world, undoubtedly, ensures the long-term defense capability of our state - Putin noted. - For this work - we know about it - the huge work of our scientists, designers, talented workers, military specialists. This is a big stage in equipping the Armed Forces with the latest systems. "

The President announced the appearance of Zircon in person during his message to the Federal Assembly in February 2019, but all stages of work on the rocket were considered secret. Even the image is only a few seconds of video from the shops of the defense "NPO Mashinostroyenia".

“I want to congratulate everyone who is involved in the work on Zircon. I want to thank the Minister of Defense. I know that all of you act not only as customers, but also as full-fledged participants in the process of creating such modern systems. I want to thank all of you for the work done. , for its results and express the hope that in the future all the specialists involved in the rearmament of the Russian army will work as efficiently, as persistently as it has been until now, "the president said.

Now that the tests have passed successfully, the unique missile can be put into service. Moreover, it can be launched from the same installations as the usual "Caliber" and "Onyx", that is, you won't even have to redo anything on board. In addition, it is known that not only frigates and destroyers, but also Russian submarines will be equipped with hypersonic Zircons.