What's happening?

What's happening?
  • The Biden administration is considering imposing travel restrictions within the country, including to Florida.
  • A group of about 120 former Republican officials who oppose Trump are considering creating a third party after realizing that the party is still led by President Trump and his supporters.
  • Tom Del Beccaro, chair of the California Rescue PAC, working to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom, said his team now has more than 1.5 million signatures required to run this year's recall elections. Fox LA said these signatures still need to be officially verified, so the withdrawal organizers are working to get 2 million signatures by March 17 in case the Californian swamp dumps "invalid signatures."
  • American attorney, legal scholar and political commentator Alan Dershowitz on Newsmax described the impeachment process as an unconstitutional circus currently taking place in Washington.
  • Two black men were arrested after rubbing a dirty diaper on a conservative reporter's face and breaking an egg on her head. The left is going crazy.
  • A man was arrested in Lancaster County on charges of attempting to break open a doorway in the US Capitol on January 6 with a crowd that included Ashley Babbitt, a woman shot by officers that day. Zachary Jordan Alam has joined 12 other Pennsylvania men accused of attacking the Capitol.
  • Further evidence of election fraud by Dominion Voting Machines. A recent recount in the Rockingham District 7 NH House Race in Windham, New Hampshire showed that Dominion voting machines cut Republican votes.
  • “Complaint aims to suspend vital first amendment amendment activities” - FOX News moves to dismiss Smartmatic's claim.
  • NBA owner Mark Cuban refuses to play the national anthem at home games, some teams do not agree with this decision.
  • The Louisiana GOP rebukes Senator Cassidy for voting to move forward on the unconstitutional impeachment of President Trump.
  • Supporters of former US President Donald Trump, who stormed the Capitol building, were accused of planning the assassination of Vice President Michael Pence and Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. This was stated during the Trump impeachment process by the prosecutor from the House of Representatives Stacy Pleskith.
  • Twitter won't give Trump access to the platform even if he re-runs and wins elections in the future.
  • The Fulton County, Georgia Attorney's Office has opened a criminal investigation into Trump's attempts to overturn the state's election results.