What's happening?

What's happening?
  • OAN executives offered Trump supporter, journalist and commentator Lou Dobbs a copyright project that he can broadcast on the OAN in prime time without fear of censorship.
  • One of the men who is being accused in the assault on the Capitol stated that he worked for the FBI and had secret goals that evening.
  • Dominion states that they hired private detectives to track down Sydney Powell's lawyer and indict her in a libel case. Powell, in turn, claims that nothing is over yet and there are many events ahead related to the trials.
  • French politicians, prominent intellectuals and scholars oppose the influence of the American "uncontrolled leftism", awakened in connection with the events taking place in the United States. They argue that this undermines French society and attacks their cultural heritage.
  • Polish media have suspended work in protest against a new tax on advertising.
  • Fairy Tales for Adults: Two new coronavirus mutations, one of which is classified as "of concern", are found in the UK.
  • The mayor of the French city of Perpignan, Louis Alliot, decided to open four city museums despite government restrictions related to the ban on the work of cultural and art establishments due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Cinemas Almaty, Kazakhstan intend to join the Ashyq project. The essence of the project is that Kazakhstanis are divided according to colors - red, yellow, blue, green, depending on whether the person has been ill with covid or not, whether he has taken the vaccine, and so on. According to these data, people are planned to be admitted to a number of establishments using a QR code.
  • The head of Navalny's regional headquarters network, Leonid Volkov, was put on the international wanted list.
  • WHO: Covid-19 could have entered Wuhan from other countries.