What's happening?

What's happening?
  • Biden personally endorsed the US airstrike in Syria on Thursday in response to recent attacks by Iranian-backed militants on US troops in Iraq. The airstrikes reportedly targeted a facility in Syria owned by Iranian-backed militias.
  • A Senate MP ruled that the inclusion of a $ 15 minimum wage in the Democrats' anti-COVID package violates Senate budget rules.
  • After 50 days, the person responsible for the murder of Ashley Babbitt in the US Capitol building is identified. This is the Capitol Police Officer, Lieutenant. His name is kept secret from Ashley Babbitt's lawyers. Photo of the killer attached to this post.
  • The Chinese government demanded that the Biden administration officials who arrived in the country provide anal swabs for COVID, and then stated that the swabs were taken from American diplomats "by mistake." “The Department of State never agreed to this kind of test and protested directly to the Foreign Office when we learned that some of the employees were subjected to it,” said a spokesman for the State Department.
  • Hasbro (toy makers) wanted to make the famous "Mr. Potato Head" character gender neutral, but changed their minds. Mr. Potato Head will remain Mr.
  • Acting US Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman says “militia groups wanted to blow up the Capitol” when Biden delivered a message on the state of the country.
  • Biden walks off the podium, ignoring a clear question from a journalist about his administration's blunders regarding Covid-19.
  • Mike Lindell is a businessman and documentary writer on electoral fraud who received a billion dollar lawsuit from Dominion: “I wouldn't go all-in and risk everything I have if I weren't sure of my position! I cannot see my grandchildren, I am in physical danger. I will lose $ 65 million this year alone. "
  • Facebook removes a video in which a Democratic representative raises the transgender flag for "hate speech", quickly reinstates it, and asks the Democrats for forgiveness.
  • Pelosi's $ 1.9 trillion COVID bill includes a bonus of up to $ 21,000 for federal employees whose children or family members are affected by the virus.
  • Pennsylvania poll observers witnessed election fraud in 2020, then special agents chased them, and now they are being sued for defamation.
  • Trump supports Jerry Moran in the US Senate. Senator Moran has criticized Trump in the past for his allegations of electoral fraud and for "not immediately obstructing reprehensible behavior" at the Capitol on January 6.
  • “We don’t think it is safe enough” - EU MP Jerome Rivière announced that mailing of ballots and voting machines are now prohibited in France.
  • According to the survey, only 30% of Russians are ready to be vaccinated against coronavirus.
  •  New EU sanctions against Russia will be officially approved next week.
  • EU leaders agreed on the need to introduce electronic vaccination certificates.
  • McDonald's was accused of spying on its employees.
  • Gates warns of the risks of buying bitcoin.