The American economist, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, has called for the prosecution of the head of the Gates WHO for genocide during his alleged involvement in the leadership of Ethiopia's security forces. David Steinman accused 55-year-old Ethiopian Tedros Adhanom, whom Gates and China, in preparing a covid story, approved the head of WHO three years ago, of being one of three officials who controlled Ethiopian security services from 2013 to 2015. Dr. Tedros was Minister of Health from 2005 to 2012 and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country until 2016, when his Tigraya People's Liberation Front party was the main member of the ruling coalition.

Mr. Steinman, an economist and campaigner nominated for last year's Peace Prize, filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court in The Hague, where he said that Tedros “made decisive decisions about the actions of the security forces, including killings, arbitrary detention and torture Ethiopians ". The complaint to the ICC prosecutor's office came after General Berhanu Jula, chief of staff for the Ethiopian army, last month called for the removal of the Ethiopian from WHO and accused him of trying to buy weapons for the Tigray region, where the Ethiopian army is fighting locals. In his complaint, Steinman pointed to the 2016 U.S. government report on human rights in Ethiopia.

This US report also mentions "other documented crimes." He also accused Tedros of involvement in "intimidation of candidates and opposition supporters," including "arbitrary arrest" and "lengthy pre-trial detention." The complaint also alleged that Tedros personally oversaw "the killing and infliction of serious bodily harm and mental harm to members of the Amhara, Conso, Oromo and Somali tribes with the intention of destroying these tribes in whole or in part."

For four years, the head of WHO, Tedros, "was one of the leaders" of the Ethiopian government, whose regime is "marked by widespread or systematic crimes against humanity." His complaint can only be considered if it is accepted by prosecutors in the Hague court, which is independent of the UN. If they do, this will be the first prosecution of a senior UN official. American economist David Steinman is a former consultant to the US National Security Council and has been a senior foreign adviser to the Ethiopian democracy movement for 27 years. Recall that the Ethiopian gained international fame as the head of the UN health authority during the covid hysteria and is the first head of WHO without a medical education and the first representative of pederasty in this post. Although, for sure, WHO has countless representatives of pederasty in governing places. QAnon Russia