Actual news

Actual news
  • As Democrats and Republicans try to blame Trump for fueling violence on January 6, many people recall one of the episodes of the Ellen DeGeneres show, in which Kamala Harris said Trump should be killed and then laughed.
  • Democrats and the media blamed Trump for every death from the coronavirus, even though they drew statistics. If you follow this logic, Can is responsible for 60,000 American deaths. But I will repeat - the statistics are drawn. There have been many publications about this with facts and evidence.
  • They were caught: cars owned by Dominion stripped 6% of the votes of every Republican candidate in Windham, New Hampshire. The same cars are used in 85% of cities.
  • Illegal southern border crossings in January doubled from the previous year thanks to Biden's open border policy during the pandemic.
  • Democrats spent $ 3.2 billion in the 2020 elections - four times as much as President Trump.
  • The Beadon administration is considering imposing travel restrictions within the country, including to Florida. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis: “This is sheer absurdity! Especially given that Biden allows illegal aliens to cross our southern border. We will not allow Florida residents to be targeted for unfair political persecution, ”DeSantis said.
  • Former Ohio State Treasurer and Senate candidate in 2022 Josh Mandel says the 2020 election was completely stolen from Trump.
  • The New York Times published a report according to which Donald Trump was in fact in his worst condition when he contracted the coronavirus and was taken to Reed Medical Center. They said Trump “had extremely low blood oxygen levels and developed pneumonia caused by the coronavirus. At some point, they even wanted to connect him to a ventilator. " Blatant lie. They are trying by any means to intimidate the people and the fact that Trump very easily endured the crown, was cured with only pills, telling people about it, still haunts them.
  • The can mumbles through the mask, blaming Trump for his administration's failures in distributing vaccines. Sorry sight.
  • CNN compares the Capitol riots to the Rwandan genocide.
  • Megan McCain, daughter of Trauma hater and warmonger John McCain, compares the Capitol riots to "terrorist attacks" on the Twin Towers that killed 3,000 people.
  • The can moves the goal posts. He says that the Americans will need to wear masks not for the first 100 days of his "presidency", as previously announced, but for two years. “You know that wearing a mask over the next year can save lives, a significant number of lives,” Bidon said.
  • Philadelphia Elementary School forced students to simulate the Rule of Blacks rally to "release Angela Davis" from prison.
  • CNN News: Trump plays golf while Democrats hold bogus impeachment trial.
  • Mathematician Jovan Pulitzer explains what accurate and transparent audits really are, urging Americans to demand them.
  • Governor Cuomo hopes that Beadon will cover him in the historic COVID nursing home scandal and everyone will forget about their machinations with mortality statistics.