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Each Baltic News user is assigned an anonymous cookie, which does not allow to identify the user's identity, but it helps to determine quantitative statistics about the use of the portal - what content a person consumes, what are the technical data of devices using the portal, as well as socio-demographic data so that the editorial staff can better understand the interests of the users of the portal and improve user convenience.

Why do we use cookies? Baltic News uses cookies to ensure that the portal remembers whether you have already agreed that we use cookies on this portal, as well as to give Baltic News a more personal experience for its users - content and advertising according to interests, weather according to location, one-time settings etc. In addition, the collection and processing of cookies helps us to understand how you use the content of our website in order to adapt it to your needs and make it even more interesting for you. How do I turn off cookies? You can control and delete cookies if you wish.

Read more here: aboutcookies.org. The user can delete all cookies on his computer, and most browsers can be set to block the insertion of cookies on the computer. However, in this case, the user will have to manually adjust the settings each time they visit the portal, and in addition, there is a possibility that some services and features may not work or may not work.

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